VOPTech VH03

The VH03 is a SIP phone designed for the hotel. It is compatible with any SIP standard IP PBX platform. It enriches the guest experience with its programmable keys and fashion design.

Feature Highlights

  • 2 SIP Lines
  • 6 Programmable Keys
  • Flexible Dial Plan with Auto Provision
  • HD Voice, HD Handset, PoE

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◆ Vxworks OS

◆ Support SIP2.0 (RFC3261) and correlative RFCs

◆ SIP support 2 SIP servers, and backup SIP proxy servers

◆ Supports SIP UDP / TCP/ TLS

◆ SIP support SIP domain, SIP authentication (none, basic, MD5) , DNS
name of the server, Peer to Peer / IP Call

◆ PoE

◆ 6 Programmable Keys

◆ HD voice: HD handset

◆ Codec: G.711A/u, G.7231 high/low, G.729AB, G.722, G.726-32

◆ Full duplex hands- free speaker phone with acoustic echo cancellation

◆ Voice Activity Detection (VAD), Comfort Noise Generation (CNG)

◆ Background noise suppression, Adaptive jitter buffers

◆ Packet loss concealment

◆ SRTP, Mute

◆ Call transfer ( unattended/ attended/ semi-attended )

◆ Call holding, Call waiting

◆ 3 way call conference

◆ Capable of 2 way conversation

◆ Join call, Call pickup, Call park, Call back

◆ Call completion

◆ Hot desking

◆ Auto redial, Pre dial, Redial, Wed dial

◆ SIP messaging , MWI

◆ Barring function for outgoing calls

◆ Do not disturb

◆ Auto answer

◆ CLIR(rejects anonymous calls), CLIP(to make an anonymous call)

◆ Dial without registration

◆ Call logs with missed calls/ incoming calls/outgoing calls. Each support 300 records(Web)

◆ Phonebook 500 records(Web)

◆ Speed Dial (abbreviated dialing)

◆ Hotline/Warm-line, Black List/ White List

◆ Intercom/Intercom barge

◆ Password dial, DTMF hidden

◆ Action URL/ active URI

◆ Voice codec setting for each SIP line

◆ Multicast

◆ LDAP, XML phonebook

◆ Keypad lock, Emergency call

◆Bridge mode and route

◆PPPoE for xDSL


◆802.1X, NAT (NAPT)

◆NAT transverse :Support STUN client

◆DHCP client on WAN/ DHCP server on LAN

◆Main DNS and secondary DNS server

◆DNS Relay, SNTP Client

◆Firewall and DMZ, VPN(L2TP/Open VPN)

◆Ping, tracert, Telnet

◆ WEB and telnet management

◆ Management with different account right

◆ Recover firmware and factory reset through POST mode

◆ Upgrade firmware  via HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, TFTP

◆ DHCP option66 and custom option for auto provisioning

◆ Auto Provisioning to upgrade configuration file with AES(256) encryption

◆ TR-069 and Syslog

◆ Adapter Input: AC 100-240V

◆ Adapter Output: DC 5V/1A

◆ WAN Port -10/100 BASE-T RJ-45 for LAN

◆ LAN Port-10/100 BASE-T RJ-45 for PC

◆ Power consumption: IDLE: 2.5W Active: 2.8W

◆ Operation Temperature: 0〜40℃

◆ Relative Humidity: 10〜65%

◆ Main Chipset : Broadcom