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SPA2 is a SIP video intercom & Paging device for industry application. The media stream transmission adopts standard
IP/RTP/RTSP protocol. It inherits the advantages of the stability and the sound quality of VOPTech VOIP Phone.

Feature Highlights

  • Small and exquisite, can be embedded in the internal installation
  • Emergency call button interface, active call
  • Interact with IPC camera, you can make a video phone call
  • NVR video recording, standard RJ45 interface
  • System online management and upgrade

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Data Sheet

• Two SIP lines, supporting SIP 2.0 (RFC3261) and related RFC

• Supports two lines RTSP

• Voice broadcast IP address

• Button or remote volume adjustment

• Switch signal input and output

• Talkback recording output

• Hands free talking

• Default auto answer

• Dynamic multicast function

• Supports DC or POE power supply

• Support for Function key interface

• Support monophonic active speakers

• Network time synchronization

• Action URL / Active URI remote control

• Supports PoE (802.3af)

• Primary and secondary DNS servers are supported

• Support VLAN

• Supports SNTP Client

• Support VPN L2TP / PPTP / IPSec

• Supports SRTP

• Support for HTTP/HTTPS Web page

• Support Qos: 802.1p / q, DSCP

• Support MD5 authentication

• Supports Web Filter

• DHCP / static / PPPoE


• 2 RJ45 interface:

Yellow: WAN port 10 / 100M adaptive,

support POE

PoE: 802.3af (Class 3: 6.49 ~ 12.95W)

Black: LAN port (Only connected to the original camera)

Cable: Super five lines or better

• Numeric keypad

• 1 blue indicator (SIP status and network status)

• 2 volume plus or minus keys

• 1 restore factory settings key

• 1 recording output interface: 3.5mm standard audio interface

• 1 ground screw

• 1 way passive speaker interface: Output power: 4Ω, POE / 8W, 12V /10W,18V / 20W, 24V / 30W; related to supply voltage.

Wire diameter: 18 AWG or larger diameter

Interface: Pluggable terminal block

• 1 headset speaker:

interface: Pluggable terminal block

• 1 DSS key interface (4 lines):

Indicator: Positive 5.0V output Interface: pluggable terminal block

• 1 way microphone input interface:

Recommendation: Use an electret condenser microphone Sensitivity: -38dB,

bias voltage 2.2V

•1 short circuit input and output interface (built-in relay):

Relay: MAX DC30V / 1A, AC125V / 0.5A,

Interface: pluggable terminal block

• 2 parallel power input

interface: 12V-24V / 2A DC 1 road for the 5.5mm DC power seat 1 road way 2Pin,

pluggable terminal block

•Standby power consumption: to be determined

• Housing material: aluminum alloy shell

• Installation: Indoor installation

• Working Temperature: -30~70℃

• Storage Temperature: -40~70℃

• Working Humidity: 10~95%

• Device Dimension: 113 x 82 x 28mm

• Package size: 138 x 108 x 77mm

• Device Weight: 250g

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