Door Access Control

External door intercoms must meet many expectations. Their primary function is to control access to the building or office and connect visitors with people inside, in a manner that is comfortable for both sides.

The VOPTech DP31 with a keypad, camera and card reader installed in the wall by the entrance – is a typical solution for building entrances. Employees and passengers are sure to appreciate the elegant design and functions. Direct dial buttons will connect visitors with personnel inside the building. If the station is unmanned, the passenger will be connected to the central control center or a call center. The other party can then easily open the door for the visitor from an IP phone or mobile. The visitor’s identity can also be verified visually using a video-telephone. Employees can simply open the door using a card or numerical code.


.One Box solution
.Card reader, keypad, camera
.Full duplex audio
.Remote administration
.Indoor/outdoor installation
.Integrated with SIP PBX

Areas of Use:

.Residential complexes
.Government institutions
.Educational facilities