• onetoone

3CX extensions binding outline number one to one by a gateway

We wrote an article about 3CX how to connect with analog PBX in last time. This article is also about 3CX, but it’s about 3CX how to binding outline number one to one by the […]

  • 3cx

Connecting Analog PBX to 3CX Phone System via VOPTech VoIP Gateway

3CX is a very popular IP Phone system in the world. Lots of customers might consider replacing the Analog Phone system to 3CX and connecting their remote offices together. In some cases, a customer may deploy […]

  • wireshark Feature

How to obtain IP address from gateway when you lost it

Gateway’s IP address are static, so it’s difficult to get the IP address from gateway when we lost it.

In fact, we have two ways to obtain gateway IP address.

Firstly, haveIf the gatehasFXS port,  It’s easy […]

  • autopro feature

Auto provisioning of VOPTech IP series SIP phone

VOPTech IP series SIP phone supports auto-provisioning via SIP PnP, DHCP Option, and Phone Flash. It supports FTP, TFTP, HTTP and HTTPS protocol.

This guide is about the auto-provisioning of IP series SIP Phone via Phone […]

  • AX210&VG3XE

Add Analog Gateway for AX210 IP PBX

Although AX IP PBX comes without any FXO or FXS port, we can integrate VOPTech VG series gateway to work with AX IP PBX. It is the best cost effective way for small business to have its own IP Phone system.