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VOPTech DP21 SIP Intercom, carring VOPTech's 6+ years industrial experience in technology and product design, Combining IP technology together with industrial intercom perfectly.
  • DP281SMALL


VOPtech DP28 SIP video Intercom, carring VOPTech's 6+ years industrial experience in technology and product design, Combing IP technology together with industrial intercom perfectly. DP28 SIP intercom can be easily configured in varies application scenarios like bank, schools, mining, cities, etc.
  • C2Wsmall


C2W WiFi SIP Phone is a multi-access network, easy to deploy and operate desktop office phone for enterprise users, which features excellent sound quality, elegant and smart design. It supports 2 SIP accounts, which combines economical, practical and excellent performance dual advantage in one.
  • SD20SMALL12


The design of SD20 Sip Door phone are based on experience and knowledge of VOPTech IP phone development.SD20 are using standard IP/RTP/RTSP protocol for voice transmission and enjoy the advantages of full range of compatibility.
  • VPX20N


The VPX20N IP Phone System is the second generation of Mini IP Phone System launched by VOPTech.VPX20N is a next-generation smart IP PBX System designed and optimized for today’s business telecommunication needs.
  • v60


The V60 provides the complete desk phone solutions with flexible functionality, HD Voice Quality, and highly easy operation. It is absolutely an excellent Desk Video Phone for small to large sized business, as well as mission-critical Enterprise Business.


  • 对讲机

SIP Intercom Solution

In unexpected situations, such as a problem withdrawing cash, retention of your card, a technical fault or an act of violence, both the ATM operator and client will appreciate immediate connection with assistance services. With one button and linked to CCTV system, the VOPTech VIPS system s is an ideal solution, which is resistant to vandalism and weather conditions.
  • 通讯网关

VoIP Gateway Solution

In most cases, enterprises deploy IP PBX solution to connect multi sites together. It helps to reduce the communication cost and improve the effectiveness.
  • ic_控制台

Access Control Solution

External door intercoms must meet many expectations. Their primary function is to control access to the building or office and connect visitors with people inside, in a manner that is comfortable for both sides.
  • 电话

IP Phone System Solution

Work is no longer about one place, but an activity could be done from almost anywhere. And more and more businesses are embracing the idea that remote office connectivity greatly saves them costs by eliminating site to site calling charges, and dramatically improves efficiency as workers at multiple locations can reach each other easily.