Connecting Analog PBX to 3CX Phone System via VOPTech VoIP Gateway

3CX is a very popular IP Phone system in the world. Lots of customers might consider replacing the Analog Phone system to 3CX and connecting their remote offices together. In some cases, a customer may deploy 3CX system in one or two offices firstly and keep using the exist Analog Phone system for a certain period before they completely moving to 3CX. VOPTech offers a solution to meet this kind of requirement by its multi-ports VoIP Gateway. Extensions of the Analog PBX and 3CX system can call each other directly. First of all, you need an FXO gateway and [...]

How to obtain IP address from gateway when you lost it

How to obtain IP address from gateway when you lost it Gateway's IP address are static, so it's difficult to get the IP address from gateway when we lost it. In fact, we have two ways to obtain gateway IP address. Firstly, haveIf the gatehasFXS port,  It's easy to obtain.Because connect an analog phone to the FXS port, and we can hear IP address played by the phone after we press number sign twice. Secondly, what can we do if the gateway only have FXO port.We need a software called wireshark. Next we should connect pc with gateway's wan [...]

Auto provisioning of VOPTech IP series SIP phone

Auto provisioning of VOPTech IP series SIP phone VOPTech IP series SIP phone supports auto-provisioning via SIP PnP, DHCP Option, and Phone Flash. It supports FTP, TFTP, HTTP and HTTPS protocol. This guide is about the auto-provisioning of IP series SIP Phone via Phone Flash setting through HTTP protocol. In this way, VOPTech SIP Phone(IP20P) will automatically gain the setting from the auto-configuration server. You just need to configure on your ACS side, accordingly, the setting in the phone side will be automatically updated too. In this example, the ACS IP address is Below is the detailed steps of [...]

WiFi SIP Phone C2W released

C2W WiFi SIP Phone is a multi-access network, easy to deploy and operate desktopoffice phone for enterprise users, which features excellent sound quality, elegant andsmart design. It supports 2 SIP accounts, which combines economical, practical andexcellent performance dual advantage in one. It is an entry-level IP Phone speciallydesigned for business office, suitable for enterprise unified communications.

Success in ICTCOM VietNam

Success in ICTCOM Vietnam  VOPTech attended the ICTCOM VietNam2016 in Hanoi from June 20 to 22. We demonstrated new SIP intercom products DP28, DP31 as well as latest IP Phone system VPX20N which is the most cost effective solution in SMB market. VOPTech attracted a lot of attention from the local ISP, system integrators, IT resellers etc. It was a great chance to extend VOPTech existence in Vietnam market.

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